Reducing Burdens
Our purpose is to reduce the physical, emotional and economic burdens of obesity as a driver of diseases, creating value for the people we serve and the investors we work for.

What we believe,
we’re purpose driven

Clive Meanwell

Founder & CEO

Empowering Consumers
Our vision is that healthy, sustainable weight loss can be empowering. Trusted medicines, technologies and joined-up support can optimize weight management and treatment for obesity-related conditions. This is one of the leading health and social challenges of our time.

What we believe, we’re purpose driven

Clive Meanwell

Head of Operations

Accelerating Innovation
We aim to advance a new, more tolerable, effective, convenient, and scalable generation of oral and injectable therapies to address multiple targets, alongside proprietary health technology tools for personalization and risk prediction. Our goal is to leverage our fully integrated approach and establish a cycle of continuous and responsive innovation for a fast-evolving market.

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