Alert: Beware of Employment Scams

Please be aware of employment scams that seek financial commitments or sensitive personal and financial information from job candidates. Unsuspecting job seekers may receive unsolicited contacts by phone, email or text from individual(s) purporting to be or representing Metsera recruiter(s). Be advised that Metsera does not extend unsolicited employment offers. Furthermore, we do not charge prospective employees with any fees or a security deposit during the recruitment process. If a person purports to provide recruitment services for Metsera for a fee to the applicant or requires a security deposit, please be advised that the person is not affiliated in any way with our company.

If you would like to pursue future employment opportunities with Metsera, please visit our website at Job postings or Microsoft Word employment applications/labor agreements that do not link to our website or our LinkedIn page are not legitimate and might be fraudulent. You may report any such behavior to [email protected]. If you have been defrauded or suspect identity theft as a result of an employment scam, please contact your local law enforcement agency for guidance.

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